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Buy advertising balloons in Winter Haven, FL!

USA made helium advertising balloons for better performance, quality and price.

Easy to use, very affordable and our promotional balloons and advertising blimps will get results for you now!

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We manufacture our helium advertising balloons so you can have the balloon you want. Don’t settle for something off the shelf unless that is what you need.

We use only the highest quality polyurethane, not PVC, in making our helium balloons and advertising blimps. Polyurethane costs 6 – 7 times more than PVC. Polyurethane in lighter, stronger, brighter and retains its helium much better than PVC.

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USA made advertising blimps from $481.00. Performance, Quality and Value!

Never buy a blimp made of PVC. PVC is very heavy and unless you are buying a 25ft or larger blimp it does not fly well at all. Even if you need a large blimp why would you purchase one of such inferior quality material? It is heavy and porous as compared to our USA made polyurethane. The blimps made of PVC, even if they are the same length as a polyurethane blimp will have to be much larger in diameter so it will have enough volume to support its own weight. Why spend $200 or more additional for helium each time you need to fill your blimp?

Our blimps perform much. much better than blimps made of PVC and for a comparable price. AND, we manufacture our helium advertising blimps in the USA.

We recently had one of our blimps go through one of our sudden Arizona wind/thunderstorms. The 14ft blimp was tethered at a car dealership very near a NOAA weather reporting station, within 3 miles. The recorded wind speed was 49MPH and our blimp made it through without a scratch. We do not encourage you to leave your blimp up in that kind of weather, we couldn’t get to it before the storm hit, but if the blimp has room to move without hitting any obstacles you have a good chance of it surviving. We like to get our blimps down if the wind will be over 25MPH and that is what we recommend but in the right circumstances the blimp will take much more wind.



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Instant visibility with our giant helium balloons.

Huge selection of advertising inflatables for rent and sale in Winter Haven, FL.
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